Solidworks Training and Certification

INR 12500

o Introduction to Solid Works 

o Part Mode

 o Assembly Mode 

o Drawing Mode 

o System Requirements 

o Getting Started with Solid Works 

o Menu Bar and Solid Works menus 

o Command Manager 

o Part Mode Command Managers 

o Assembly Mode Command Managers 

o Drawing Mode Command Managers 

o Customized Command Manager 

o Toolbar 

o Pop-upToolbar o View (Heads-Up) Toolbar 

o Shortcut Bar 

o Mouse Gestures 

o Dimensioning Standard and Units 

o Important Terms and Their Definitions 

o Feature-based Modeling 

o Parametric Modeling 

o Geometric Relations 

o Blocks 

o Library Feature 

o Design Table 

o Equations 

o Collision Detection 

o What’s Wrong Functionality? 

o 2D Command Line Emulator 

o SimulationXpress 

o Physical Dynamics 

o Physical Simulation 

o Seed Feature 

o Feature Manager Design tree 

o Absorbed Features o Child Features 

o Dependent Features 

o Auto-Backup Option 

o Selecting Hidden Entities 

o Color Scheme o Self-Evaluation Test


 • Starting a New Session of Solid Works 

• Work flow customization Area 

• Task Panes 

• Solid Works Resources Task Pane 

• Design Library Task Pane

 • File Explorer Task Pane 

• View Palette Task Pane 

• Appearances, Scenes, and Decals Task Pane 

• Custom Properties Task Pane 

• Starting a New Document in Solid Works 

• Part 

• Assembly 

• Drawing 

• Understanding the Sketching environment 

• Setting the Document Options 

• Modifying the Drafting Standards 

• Modifying the Linear and Angular Units 

• Modifying the Snap and Grid Settings 

• Learning Sketcher Terms 

• Origin 

• Inferencing Lines 

• Select tool 

• Selecting Entities Using the Box Selection  

• Selecting Entities Using the Cross Selection 

• Selecting Entities Using the SHIFT and CTRL Keys 

• Invert Selection Tool 

• Drawing Lines 

• Orientation Rollout 

• Options Rollout 

• Drawing Continuous Lines 

• Drawing Individual Lines

 • Line Cursor Parameters 

• Drawing Tangent or Normal Arcs Using the Line Tool 

• Drawing Construction Lines or Centerlines 

• Drawing the Lines of Infinite Length 

• Drawing Circles 

• Drawing Circles by Defining their Center Points 

• Drawing Circles by Defining Three Points 

• Drawing Construction Circles 

• Drawing Arcs 

• Drawing Tangent/Normal Arcs 

• Drawing Center point Arcs 

• Drawing 3 Point Arcs 

• Drawing Rectangles 

• Drawing Rectangles by Specifying their Corners 

• Drawing Rectangles by Specifying the Center and a Corner 

• Drawing Rectangles at an Angle 

• Drawing Center point Rectangles at an Angle 

• Drawing Parallelograms 

• Drawing Polygons 

• Drawing Splines 

• Drawing Slots 

• Creating a Straight Slot 

• Creating a Center point Straight Slot 

• Creating a 3 Point Arc Slot 

• Creating a Center point Arc Slot 

• Placing Sketched Points 

• Drawing Ellipses 

• Drawing Elliptical Arcs 

• Drawing Parabolic Curves 

• Drawing Display Tools 

• Zoom to Fit 

• Zoom to Area 

• Zoom In/Out 

• Zoom to Selection 

• Pan 

• Previous View 

• Redraw 

• Deleting Sketched Entities 

• Self-Evaluation Test

• Editing Sketched Entities 

• Trimming Sketched Entities 

• Extending Sketched Entities 

• Filleting Sketched Entities

• Chamfering Sketched Entities 

• Offsetting Sketched Entities 

• Mirroring Sketched Entities 

• Mirroring While Sketching (Dynamic Mirror Entities) 

• Moving Sketched Entities 

• Rotating Sketched Entities 

• Scaling Sketched Entities 

• Copying and Pasting Sketched Entities 

• Creating Patterns 

• Creating Linear Sketch Patterns 

• Creating Circular Sketch Patterns 

• Editing Patterns 

• Writing Text in the Sketching Environment 

• Modifying Sketched Entities 

• Modifying a Sketched Line 

• Modifying a Sketched Circle 

• Modifying a Sketched Arc 

• Modifying a Sketched Polygon 

• Modifying a Spline 

• Modifying the Coordinates of a Point 

• Modifying an Ellipse or an Elliptical Arc 

• Modifying a Parabola 

• Dynamically Modifying and Copying Sketched Entities

• Splitting Sketched Entities


• Adding Relations And Dimensions To Sketches 

• Applying Geometric Relations to Sketches 

• Applying Relations Using the Add Relations Property Manager 

• Design Intent 

• Dimensioning a Sketch 

• Horizontal/Vertical Dimensioning 

• Aligned Dimensioning

 • Angular Dimensioning 

• Diameter Dimensioning 

• Radius Dimensioning 

• Linear Diameter Dimensioning 

• Ordinate Dimensioning

 • Concept of a Fully Defined Sketch 

• Fully Defined 

• Over defined • Under defined 

• Dangling 

• No Solution Found 

• Invalid Solution Found 

• Sketch Dimension or Relation Status 

• Deleting Over defining Dimensions 

• Displaying and Deleting Relations 

• Opening an Existing File 

• Address Bar 

• File name 

• Type Drop-down List 

• Open as Read-Only 

• Quick view

 • References 

• Configurations 

• Display States Area

• Advanced Dimensioning Techniques Fully Defining the Sketches

• Dimensioning the True Length of an Arc

 • Measuring Distances and Viewing Section Properties 

• Measuring Distances 

• Determining the Section Properties of Closed Sketches 

• Creating Base Features by Extruding Sketches 

• Creating Thin Extruded Features 

• Creating Base Features by Revolving Sketches 

• Creating Solid Revolved Features 

• Creating Thin Revolved Features 

• Determining the Mass Properties of Parts 

• Dynamically Rotating the View of a Mode 

• Rotating the View Freely in 3D Space 

• Rotating the View around a Selected Vertex, Edge, or Face 

• Modifying the View Orientation 

• Changing the Orientation Using the Reference Triad 

• Restoring the Previous View 

• Displaying the Drawing Area in Viewports 

• Displaying the Drawing Area in Two Horizontal Viewports 

• Displaying the Drawing Area in Two Vertical Viewports 

• Displaying the Drawing Area in Four Viewports 

• Display Modes of a Model 

• Wireframe 

• Hidden Lines Visible 

• Hidden Lines Removed 

• Shaded With Edges 

• Shaded 

• Additional Display Modes 

• Shadows in Shaded Mode 

• Perspective 

• Assigning Materials and Textures to Models 

• Assigning Materials to a Model 

• Changing the Appearance of the Model 

• Editing the Appearance